Holiday Baking

At Flour & Child, we are baking up the best Pumpkin Pies and Apple Tarts you (well, I for now but soon to be you) have ever tasted. The options for Thanksgiving desserts are many. Please email me if you are interested in having pies, tarts, cupcakes, or cookies for your family's holiday. All baked goods are handmade with lots of love and the best ingredients.

We're getting alot of things started around here. Things that I should have maybe thought about beginning months ago. I do believe my little, eensy, teeny, weeny business will soon have some if not all of the following...an actual logo, an official online menu, a website, professional photos of the deliciousness itself, and maybe even some new and exciting packaging. I wish I could commit seventy hours per week to this little business of mine. I love it and all I think about is testing this recipe or tasting that one, noodling marketing schemes and advertising techniques. But, I wake up and realize I have a lovely, lovely family that I take care of and a job that must continue if said lovely families' needs need to be met. However slowly, in the short moments of quiet, it will all get done. I know it will and it will be(taste) great.

Three things:
1) F&C is running a special for Thanksgiving. With the order of two pies, you will receive 1/2 a dozen scone or muffins for the Morning After Breakfast when all you feel like doing is pouring a cup of coffee and gathering on the couch with ample blankets and delicious breakfast foods. Or, is that only me that feels like doing that? Something tells me my one year old (holy crap, he's one) will protest these activities.
2) If is a tasty & savory dinner you're after...my sister is getting into the business of personal cheffing and would be most happy to provide your sides for the Family Feast. She has done many successful weeknight dinners, cocktail parties, etc and has some delicious options to accompany your turkey. I will be happy to provide you with her information should you be interested.
3) And lastly, it is not too soon to start thinking about holiday baking. Are you too busy to bake? Do you not like to bake, but love to share/eat the finished product? Do you want to give your friends and family a handmade, memorable gift? PLACE YOUR ORDERS for the holidays (contact me for a copy of menu options). There will always be deliciousness. There will always be adorable packaging. We can always offer you the perfect gift for you neighbors, coworkers, a party host, friends, babysitters, family etc.

email me: flourandchild@gmail.com