goodbye for now...

After a few weeks of silence in this space, I figured I owed my few readers a short explanation.  I couldn't just let this URL drown away in the abyss of the forgotten internets.  The truth is, it started as a much needed hiatus over Spring Break with every expectation of returning, when I wanted (and had to) be more focused on my home life.  Once that passed, I sort of waited for a day to be inspired to post and that day didn't really come.

Since then, I've weighed out reasons of why I write here and how it's inching me closer to my end goal.   Though there are some, I didn't find an overwhelming number of reasons to keep going.  Perhaps I'll be inspired to post again, sometime.  But, that time is not now.  I don't want to force something that just isn't there...it'd be like filming a third Sex & The City movie, which even I hope they do not do.

It's time to break for the foreseeable future and concentrate my spare time on projects that will slowly move me closer to realizing some of my dreams (sounds pretty cliche, huh?).  Cookbook?  Novel?  Gardening/cooking classes for kids?  Lunch packing service?  Gourmet/Local grocery store with cooking classes?  Small cafe?  Sheesh...I had better get started.

If you want any advice on food, or need a recipe to make for dinner tonight, I'd be glad to help!  Please feel free to email me:  hellowhitneyk@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.