Face it.

Did I tell you guys that when my kids left for Florida to stay with my parents for a week, my twenty-eight year old-not sure why I still have it-very post pubescent and annoying acne left with them. Don't tell them, but I think there's a connection there. Oh, the kids came back, and so did the zits. But, I took these pictures to remember my beautiful acne-free, stress-free self by. You know, for posterity and whatnot. And just in case it never happens again.

As you can see, I was puzzled that it all just disappeared in a matter of hours after dropping them off at the airport. Well, at least I have PROOF of the six lovely, complexion-issue-free days. It was fun while it lasted.


More Than a Greenhouse.

Jason's plants were getting too big for the small room set aside for his obsession. So, in his typical fashion, he imagined a solution: and built it.

I left for work in the afternoon as he put a few nails in the sides of our raised bed. I came home in the evening and we had a greenhouse. A greenhouse! I mean, he had help. Love.


Lunch @ 226 - Almond Butter, Banana, and Jam Sandwich

Lunch for kids can be tough for healthy eaters. Can I get a Hell Yeah? Time is limited midday, between activities. The typical options are so void of any real ingredients or nutrients I try to steer clear of them entirely. I don't make turkey sandwiches with gobs of condiments and no vegetables, or noodles and orange powder that come from a thin cardboard box, or hot dogs, or little noodle o's swimming in a sea of sugar and red sauce that doesn't deserve to be called tomato. It's not that I didn't eat these things when I was young, it's just that I'm becoming super difficult in my ripe old age. But, I'm sure you know that by now.

I think these things are so heavily relied upon because they take less than five minutes to prepare. Little Susie Loo Who can go read a book and when she flips the last page and starts to complain that she's bored, lunch has already made it to the table. I can appreciate that, and I'm sure you can too.

But, I'm obsessed you see. Totally obsessed with stuffing as much nutrition into my kids as humanly possible. It's kind of a sickness, but it's not going to be cured soon. I told you I was difficult.

I have been collecting my lunch ideas for the past few months, and I can't wait to share them with you. Seriously, my inspiration must come to me midday because some of these ideas kick some serious Chef Boyardee ass. But, I'm going to start this series with a traditional standby. Make it in five minutes, always have the ingredients, I guarantee it going into heavy rotation at your house. The idea comes from the kids' menu at a now (sadly) defunct Vegan eatery at our local farmer's market. We got it for the kids once, and have been making it ever since. Everyone eats it at least once a week and there is never even a crust left on the plate. Oh, and don't think you won't make it for yourself when you need a need snack. I do, ALL the time.

Almond Butter, Apricot and Banana Sandwiches
Get two pieces of your favorite whole wheat or multigrain bread, we're into the sprouted variety. Toast them lightly, my kids hate it when their toast gets too crunchy. Schmear a decent amount of almond butter on one half and another decent schmear of apricot jam goes on the other half. Lastly, thinly slice the banana. the resaurant did it fancy and lengthwise and i thought it was cute, but never do it here. You do whatever time will allow. Place banana slices on peanut butter half and close up the sandwich, give it a gentle smush so it all sticks together. Serve with whatever fruit you have in the house. And try to not eat your kids' lunch. Seriously, they're hungry.