i think the saying goes:

fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on me.
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These are the results of the following equation.
5 minutes alone +
1 tub of Vaseline =
2 very slimy babes

Almost everyday I let them play together without a parent for about fifteen minutes. Before leaving them, I do a quick survey of the room. I always move the humidifiers, which have gotten dumped on two occasions. I check the room for scissors, lotion or other mess-making substances, plastic bags, open outlets, firearms and the like. With the survey complete, I can leave knowing that my babes will be safe. Hopefully, they will begin to learn how to solve problems without the constant accompaniment of a parent/mediator. Or, at least, that is my hope. On occasion, they simply learn how to give themselves a DIY deep conditioning treatment.

P.S. If you ever have the same problem: Baby Oil. After a quick google search, I learned that you can slather the Vaselined head with baby oil and then shampoo as normal. The hair might remain greasy for a day or two but the Vaseline will be gone. Like magic. See, aren't you glad I do this kind of research for you? You can thank me later.


eye candy

Spring(like temperatures)and Beckett have met. They're becoming fast friends.


You should be able to trust your spouse, rely on your spouse, count on your spouse. There are things in life that we simply can't weather all alone, that we can't see clearly. You should always, without fail, be able to count on one another, reciprocally, to complete tasks that seem impossible otherwise.

But sometimes, you're better off doing it yourself.

Sorry, babe. It will grow back. Promise!


rough day

This is what you get around here if you're having a bad day. A homemade card and cookies. Warm chocolate chip cookies have a way of comforting the soul. They're medicinal, I've heard (from myself). The daddy of the house has had a nasty few days so we tried to make him smile with some cookies and cards. I think we made some serious progress. At least the two dozen missing cookies tell me so.


reed speaks

This is not for you, dear readers. Sorry. It is for me to remember, always, the hysterical, and sometimes contagious, things that Reed has said in her short life as a speaker. I suppose I will update it as new ones arise, I don't really know. I just know I have to get them out of my head and onto a computer to keep, always. And to embarrass her, always.

Reed - English
Bauuuw - Ball (first word), followed by Boon = Balloon
Strawbirdee - Strawberry
Sparkedee - Sparkly (she had some kick-ass sparkly shoes)
Slipperdee - Slippery
Santa Closet - Santa Clause
PuhLeeeeeeze - Please
TankooWelcome - Thank you, you're welcome
Akchewee - Actually
Frilla' - Thriller (Micheal Jackson)
Feed It - Beat It (Micheal Jackson)
Harmokina - Harmonica
Galur(l) - Girl, This was especially comical when she would try to sing the Little Mermaid song, "Kiss the Galurl."
Hammer Binkwin - Abraham Lincoln (and named a stuffed dog after the former president)
Man Washington - George Washington
Lellow - Yellow
Last Day - Yesterday
Next Day - Tomorrow
A - The, "Molly a Dog" "Molly a Girl" instead of "Molly the Dog" and "Molly the Girl"
Bucka' - We haven't quite figured it out. But, she often says this to Beckett when she is frustrated with him. "Beckett, you little BUCKA'!" And no, for all of you who are wondering, it is most definitely NOT merely a g-rated form of the word that begins with an "f". Thank you very much!
Senkent - Second
Sumping - Something
Sink about it - Think about it. As in, when she's in time-out, she has to "Sink about it."
Flashlights - Lightening
Wayco - Where did it go?
Payno, or Panayno - Tomato
Sfi Sfi Sfi - We're still not sure.
StrapperBang - Everyone's name for about a month(February 2010). "Reedy, what's your bear's name?" She replies, "StrapperBang."
Life Garden - Lifeguard (at the pool)
Ingsect - Insect
Sparecidus - Asparagus

I believe the child has listened to Bob Marley one too many times. She has now adopted his hairstyle. Can she say "conditioner?"

P.S. Not to be outperformed, Beckett's first word was "up", and he's been saying it nonstop for the past 7 days. He tilts his head and looks up with his glassy blue/gray eyes and says... "aaaaaaup!" Thank you my little man. I've wondered for so long what your little voice would sound like, and I love hearing it. Keep talking, love.

He does not at all like to be awoken from a nap. Check out the face-on-hand print. Awesome.

What about your little ones? What do they say that makes you laugh your pants off?