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So, I've realized this blog is a little vague. And to me, vague is generally a bad thing. I mean I don't want it to be a stiflingly structured place to browse. Rather, I would like it to be a sweet little corner of the world where I can stow away my thoughts and ideas; plans and memories. Right now, it is none of these things. I started it in order to check items off an unwritten list...obviously a bad idea considering none of the items on said list have been completed.

Dear readers or lack there of, we have come to a crossroads. What to make out of this lovely blog place thingy??? I have been mega inspired by a place called www.girlsgonechild.net and I do so love how she has documented so many events as her children grow. But many other mommy bloggers have inspired me as well. Obviously, they are much more versed at this blogging thing because as you can see I can't make my spot in the blogosphere look cool if my life depended on it. WTF, indeed?? On the other end of the spectrum there is this site that I check on a bidaily basis. Then, I refer to this site on a (at least) weekly basis. They say that your 20s are for figuring out who you are and I clearly have not decided. But, there are two things I love more than (or at least almost as much as) mi esposo and they are my babies and the things that come out of my oven on an almost nightly basis. Baking and babies.

Here's what I envision:

Me: blogging on a nightly frequency. One night's musings will be about the confectional delight of the evening. The other night will be dedicated to some wild mommy news, of which there is plenty.

You: reading on a nightly frequency and posting clever little comments that keep me motivated and smiling.

Sound good? I'm glad we had this chat. We will now commence in this fashion.

Thank you and goodnight!

Now, for my first attempt at a picture....eeeeeeek! If it shows up: meet my little girl at 22 months. She had just finished dinner and had spaghetti all over her shirt. Shirts are totally overrated anyway..."playing" basketball in the alley, now that is important! (okay, so it ended up at the top...and i don't know how to move it. but, its up there...and she is freaking awesome!)

Have a lovely weekend.

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