Glazed Lemon Cookies

the batter comes together in a breeze.

Oh me, oh my lemon is one of my favorite flavors. Perhaps it tops the list. There have been a few close competitors that have stolen my heart for weeks or even years. Pistachio and I have had many steamy love affairs. Peanut butter has swept me off my feet. Bittersweet chocolate and I were sweet on each other for a few months. And, though the love continues, lemon is a constant. When dining, I am constantly in search of the perfect lemon dessert. In my personal baking endeavors, I am in search of the perfect lemon cookies. I thought I might have found it when I stumbled upon these puppies. Though I will continue my hunt for the perfect lemon cookie, these ranked high with me.

glazed and ready to be packed up. i did these and another variety for a wedding rehearsal dinner.

I tried these a while back and the cookie itself was far too cakey for my liking. However, my mom's friends enjoyed them and begged for the recipe. So, if you like a cakey cookie perhaps you want to go there. As for me, I like the results with this attempt much better. The cookie is light and crispy, almost like a sugar cookie. I would prefer a little more chew but perhaps for a light dessert accompanying a few fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream, they would be ideal. I envision these as a great brunch dessert, after a delicious frittata and a green salad. The zest adds quite a punch to the cookie and the glaze, which is nice. These cookies look like an average iced treat but the lemon flavor will definitely surprise you. My daughter exclaimed as she took a bite, "Tart!" They also look beautiful with the zest very visible in the icing or glaze. The glaze takes quite a while to set so make them ahead of time if you plan to stack.

the finished product.

Hopefully, I will be sharing many more lemon sweets with you in the future...perhaps I will acquire a new love interest.

STAY TUNED: 600 buckeyes for a beautiful bride/best friend's wedding and the funny treats I made for her bachelorette party.

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