{{right now}}

Baking yumminess for cocktail parties and wedding showers, hoping that they made the guest smile.
Exciting in the fact that there was leftover salted caramel sauce for drizzling over ice cream and stuff.
Realizing that the laundry increases two fold in the summer months, but loving the outdoor play, for real.
Watching the intrigue my boy has for maple tree seeds or "helicopters." Did you know they can be anything? He even served them to me for lunch last week, on a small paper plate.
Loving taking photos of mouths. Weird? Probably.
Having salads for dinner so I can avoid steaming up my already steamy kitchen. This one was raw shaved brussel sprouts + thinly sliced apples + salt + pepper + lots of lemon juice and just enough olive oil + a generous topping of shaved Parmigiano Reggiano. It made bellies smile.
Planting tiny pots with strawberry seeds that these two check on every morning.

Have a lovely second half of the week.

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