such a grand idea.

As I was browsing the latest posts on my favorite blogs, I was lead to this genius blog http://rulesformyunbornson.tumblr.com/ and I instantly fell for the idea. How clever? While my husband and I still have a small amount of coolness left in our repetoire, we could compile a list of rules and advice to guide them long after we're uptight and so very UNcool.

I've heard there are websites that you can make your own books. Maybe we'll start the text now and publish them in a few years when we've exhausted all of our bits of wisdom. Must find these bookmaking websites and start my own rules. What are your thought of making one for each, the boy and the girl. I think it is a must. I can't tell my son to "always have bronzer at the ready. glowing skin is an easy fix for a gray day." But, you better believe that will make it on my list of advice to my lovely daughter. Oh, how I will laugh when she gets in to makeup - it will be a lovely experience helping her become a young lady.

Hopefully Jason is as into this as I am...we shall see.

peace and love,

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