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I love the idea of this new blog. I love the idea of connecting with people through my words. I love even the faintest hope that I will someday inspire someone about something, in the same way that I have been inspired by a whole host of bloggers out there. There is but one problem. I wish I had more time to spend with you and to devote to the items on the list that is the subject of this blog. One can set goals of completing the soon-to-be beautiful striped dresser that will reside in my baby boy's room but until one has an unscheduled afternoon to complete these tasks, they will remain...unchecked on the list.

Oh list...how you inspire me. Oh list...how you frustrate me. Oh list...you have NOT defeated me.

The dresser will make its debut, same as its owner, fashionably late. Its not a trait to be proud of but it is one that myself and said dresser are TOTALLY guilty.

While the dresser sits untouched in a rather dark and dusty corner of my basement you will have to settle for another story. Okay, its not a true story - it is merely the happenings of the last few weeks. I am one of those girls that has not managed to make any incredible friends since high school. Stop rolling your eyes and keep the, "that's kinda pathetic." comments to yourself before you've heard me out. If you had my friends (there are three of them) you would not be on the prowl for any auxilliary friends either. They would be like the side salad at a totally average restaraunt. You force yourself to enjoy the limp greens but the relationship is anything but natural. The salad is inevitably resented, as would be the case with any additonal friends. They encompass everything I could ever want in a companion and are totally different and as a side note, are not necessarily friends with one another. There is but one problem. They have all chosen, I am sure in an effort to punish me, to live far far away. Well, in the past few weeks, I have had the privelage of sharing at least an afternoon with all three of them. It has been a good, almost blissful few weeks.

I spent hours talking all things wedding and bridal with my first friend and having skipped throwing a big wedding myself, it was a thoroughly satisfying experience. Although, I am content living vicariously through my blushing best friend bride. We pondered shoe color and hair style and flower choice, all of which she has made beautiful choices (with my assistance, obviously). We also talked life stuff. Her living situation, and upcoming commitment, my marriage and child dilemnas and joys. We drank a bottle of wine over sushi, and wondered where it had gone...where the time had gone...but, NOT where our bond had gone. We can go weeks without speaking, both of us in the throws of young adulthood (although with a house, husband, and two children I think we can skip the "young" part) and pick up almost exactly where we left off. She is my greatest friend, besides the other two. She exploits my girliness in all of its waxing, dying, and gossiping glory. She brought my daughter an Easter basket overflowing with girliness. There was lip gloss, bracelets, sunglasses, and a painting project. And for my son, whome she wouldn't dare ignore, there was a pair of mod dino footed jammies, too damn cute! The most exhilerating part of the evening came when she whispered, in a casual fashion, that she and her husband were moving back home. After this statement, and with me out of breath, she added that it would probably be within a year. I gasped and I think I choked on my Pinot Noir, but then I smiled. Because, as happy as my lovely husband and two kids make me - I am nothing without my friends.

More on the other two friends later...its raining outside and I want coffee and a good book. But alas, I must finish the work day...

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