I'm still loving my new haircut. Well, I suppose its not so new anymore. I got it cut in September and I'm still adjusting to being a short haired girl. While I want to keep it super short for a few more months...I'm already brainstorming how, and into what styles I want to grow it out.
Jason thought I would look super cute (okay, he didn't say "super cute, but his enthusiasm conveyed it) with this 'do from Anthropologie's ever inspiring catalogue.

The above haircut is great and I wish I could pull it off. But frankly, I'm just not that sweet. And the girl in the catalogue appears to be classic and sweet and feminine. While I desire to be all those things I do believe that I am most certainly not. I believe this haircut is more suited to my style. But, is it dated? Actually, I think the girl in the photo has long hair but I think you can get the idea of what I would want; long layers in a sharp bob. Your thoughts? Is my husband more savvy with hairstyles than myself...say it ain't so! And p.s. check out the hair accessories that they carry on that link. So freaking sweet, I want every one...no matter what hairstyle I have!

Keeping it short for a while (my neighbors say I look like a "fairy") but, let me know your opinions!

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  1. A very pretty fairy :)

    I looooove the second hairstyle! And the first one too. But I think you would look fantastic with the second one.