in need of a skirt.

****DISCLAIMER**** This is not a fashion blog, nor do I claim to know anything about fashion. It is a favor to my lovely sister AND an opportunity to learn about posting pictures from the internet. Clearly, I have alot to learn. As for the featured fashion, please enjoy (and don't mind little technicalities like off-center photos, or shrunken pictures, or non-linking text...I beg of you.) ****END DISCLAIMER****

My sister emailed me today. She has apparently bought a pair of "knee-high flat boots (black, sort of riding-inspired, but a smidge cooler than that)." I am so in to the flat boot thing right now. The practicality reasons abound. I can manage to look semi-hip, shield my tootsies from the chilly temps and trip over Legos (and not break my face) all at the same time. Unfortunately, I've had my slouchy pair from Delia*s (where my 12 year old step-sister-in-law now shops) since 2003. I know you just made a sad face for me. I still rock them out of necessity. My once boot-designated money is now spent on fries, not Fryes. Its a good thing I like cooking, otherwise I may be bitter. If I had my pick of the footwear litter, they would include some or all of these deliciously sweet flat boots.

Now that we got that out of the way we can return to my sister. Yes, this post is about her. My sister's quandary was more about what kind of skirt to wear with these riding inspired boots. Now, there is another requirement. This little get-up has to be work appropriate and she's a lawyer. Yeah, like works for a firm, seventy hours per week, in an office, full of men, downtown lawyer. I'm thinking mini skirts won't do. With the mission accepted, I went shopping, sort of.

This one is from Ann Taylor, and you may not really be able to see it because I clearly have ALOT to learn about posting and pasting and resizing and configuring...OMG, I'm having a panic attack. Okay, just click on the link and you'll see a better picture. I sort of like the texture in the skirt, as a contrast to the leather boot. Plus, its short enough. We wouldn't want the skirt to streamline directly into the boot. Yes? Plus, it's on sale. Plus, it comes in gray...said sister's favorite color.

This one is from Piperlime. I just had to put it in here for a safe alternative. I feel as though lawyers, and my sister in particular, are bored of skirts like this and will probably skim right over this one, bored to tears. But, I chose it based on its length. It's shorter than the average pencil skirt. Never fear, there are more exciting skirts on the way.

This one is also from Piperlime. They offer free shipping and free return and are in turn one of my favorite places to browse for boots that I can't buy. This one is a cutie, me thinks. I love the ruffle that would be so feminine against the more masculine design of the boot. Is it too playful for her office? I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. Is anyone tired of ruffles yet? I'm not! I think this little cutie is on sale too.

You best not be tired of ruffles because I am offering you a bevy of them in this Anthropologie skirt. It is gray, she will be happy about that. It's also a little more modest than the last option and a tad more lady like. I feel like a little volume on the upper half would compliment a sleek riding boot.

I believe this option is my favorite. It is also from Anthropologie. I'm digging the tulip skirt. I feel like it's universally flattering. Being that my sister is a skinny mini and would frankly, look great in a trash bag, with or without ridding boots, that part doesn't really matter. But, for the rest of us that have booty to worry about - in steps the tulip skirt. The volume happens up at the waist so it really works to bring larger hips and thighs into proportion. This skirt would work at the office, but not only at the office. And, I think the entire silhouette would be flawless, maybe with a ruffled blouse (I keed, I keeeeed). Bottom line, this one gets my vote.

This one, from Bebe, is also cute but I couldn't bear to put the picture on my page because I detest the way it is styled. Look past the hooker shoes and it really is a pretty cute skirt. Too short for a law firm? I don't know, do they impliment the high school finger tip rule?

There they are my dear. I feel like I've just completed a school project. At least I got the pictures loaded, next time I'll work on the layout, which is atrocious.

Much love pretty sister. And good night lovelies.
xo - w

P.S. As for me, I really want this skirt. And for some reason, I am so feeling these boots. Maybe that's really all we need to get us through Ohio's miserable January and February, super cute and sort of ridiculous snow boots. And, sin.


  1. You are a GEM, sister of mine! Thank you for so adeptly solving the fashion quandaries that keep me up at night! I absolutely adore the tulip number from Anthro -- and I shall don a ruffled top with it in honor of you! Keep up the blogging -- it really is a joy to read!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo J

  2. You are so stinking talented!! You really need to write a book!

    <3 em

  3. Soooooo,

    That PRADA book had its influence, after all!

    Aha, this fan enjoys your discourse

  4. helen, a year later, i reply!! it was so nice to see you in boston, i hope you all are well. have a fantastic summer and become a follower on the blog. the more, the merrier! cheers.