i think the saying goes:

fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on me.
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These are the results of the following equation.
5 minutes alone +
1 tub of Vaseline =
2 very slimy babes

Almost everyday I let them play together without a parent for about fifteen minutes. Before leaving them, I do a quick survey of the room. I always move the humidifiers, which have gotten dumped on two occasions. I check the room for scissors, lotion or other mess-making substances, plastic bags, open outlets, firearms and the like. With the survey complete, I can leave knowing that my babes will be safe. Hopefully, they will begin to learn how to solve problems without the constant accompaniment of a parent/mediator. Or, at least, that is my hope. On occasion, they simply learn how to give themselves a DIY deep conditioning treatment.

P.S. If you ever have the same problem: Baby Oil. After a quick google search, I learned that you can slather the Vaselined head with baby oil and then shampoo as normal. The hair might remain greasy for a day or two but the Vaseline will be gone. Like magic. See, aren't you glad I do this kind of research for you? You can thank me later.

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  1. This is my nightmare come true. Hilarious. I love your blog, Whitney! Keep 'em coming!