Professional Family Videos

Would you guys like to do something like this with your family? I sort of love the idea, but maybe it's just because the family (and house) are so stinking cute. It really is edited beautifully...and wouldn't it be neat to watch and hear their laughs and see their silliness when they're 33. It's sort of like having a professional direct your home videos. Sort of weird, sort of cool.

The Nichols Family! from SarahQ on Vimeo.

I'm on the fence, what do you think?


  1. I get the appeal of having someone do your home videos, but it seems kinda inorganic / unnatural to have an "outsider" capture these moments -- isn't part of the magic of watching old home movies that you remember the moment itself while you're also seeing on the screen? If you've got someone else in your house telling you "go have a tea party and I'll film it," I think a bit of the magic is lost. Then again, your kids are such hams, any video of them would be absolutely priceless (e.g., "peace out, girl")!!!

  2. Inorganic was the first word that came to my mind also. I say we leave the music videos to the Kei$has of the world. My shotty, shaky, unedited home videos are just fine with me.