{{ right now }}

Amazed by and sort of angry with Mother Nature. Hail in March, come on.
Loving that my boy likes books and biscotti in the morning as much as mama.
Anticipating the arrival of a niece and wishing I could be physically present for every moment because I already love her, and her mama...so much.
Admiring my husband's enthusiasm for seeds, plants, and all things growing. Spring is starting, at least in our basement.
Astonishedby how scribbles have turned into letters drawn in crayon by my girl.
Finding it comical that my home is "decorated" in crafts. But, sort of loving it.
Disturbed that trusty pairs of shoes that have run with my boy and danced with my girl are now in the give away pile. But, I can't seem to actually give them away.

I've had a pleasant discovery. The more I photograph, the more I am able to appreciate things in my life that might have otherwise gone over looked, or been forgotten. Creating a pretty picture out of a moment, somehow makes it official. It's not that I will always remember that moment, because some of my pictures are of a messy drawer or dirty shoes. But, the camera helps me find beauty in my everyday. I can appreciate the dirty shoes for what they gave to my family, how well they were used, and the wobbly steps they helped the kids make.

Sometimes, I look around my house and want everything to be replaced, recovered, torn down, taken away, or redone. But, through the lens, I can soak up my surroundings and make something that might not be ideal, into something (that I think is) beautiful. So often I turn to the internet, browse my favorite shops, and flip through magazines to find pretty pictures. I'm trying to refocus that energy on finding coolness within OUR doors. And, I'm finding alot of it. I should have picked up one of these things a long time ago.

Anyway, I'll sporadically be doing {{right now}} posts, showing you some of those things I am appreciating. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to do the same. Feel free to leave your link if you have some lens love {{right now}}.


  1. Love this post! ;-) Congrats on the neice! Cute little outfit for her...

  2. Great post! Thank you for reminding me to do the same with my little ones!

  3. thanks ladies! i'm loving my camera so much, seeing things totally differently. just bought a new lens too - yahhhh for gadgets.

    @Lauren, are you recovering from your bouts in the hospital? I hope so!