Don't Be Jealous

but, my wonderful parents (who live part of the year in Key West, FL) just left with both of my children for a weeklong, tropical adventure.  To be even more specific, my dad (solo) is currently on a plane from Atlanta to Key West, the second leg of a six hour trip, with a four and five year old.  Is he a hero, or what?  I wouldn't even sign up for that.  He is more than capable and he does have this magical-Pops-aura that elicits good behavior where there is usually less than.

The kids left me with these gems:

I guess we have a thing for neon shoes.

If I could spend the entire week with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other, I probably would.  I would maybe take some breaks to catch up on Downton Abbey, bake bread, write in my journal and nap.  And, I plan on doing a lot of all that.  But, unfortunately, my husband runs a rather tight ship (the opposite of me: he finds it nearly impossible to relax) and insists that we clean the basement before their return.  I guess I need to get something done, right?  And the basement needs some (ahem) attention, so who am I to baulk?

What would you guys do if you had a week to yourself?

To be a little sappy, I will admit that I will miss my Valentines tomorrow...just a little.  Valentine's Day was always sort of blah until they came on to the scene.  Now, we get to play in glitter and make tacky cards and bake all kinds of chocolate and sprinkled deliciousness.  I will miss that, but I know they're in good hands and there are rumors of pink cupcakes at Meems' house!

p.s. Here are their finished Valentines!  Cute, huh?  Thank you's go out to my sister and double-sided tape.

They're erasers, get it?

I wish Reed didn't like washi tape as much as I do.  She calls it fancy tape and wants to put it on everything (as do I)!


Psssst...I bought myself a Valentine's Day present and I am beyond excited to receive it and put it to use.  Do you guys do Valentine's Day gifts for each other?  For yourselves?  For your kids or family?

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  1. You are amazing! I want to be in Reed and Beckett's classes! How cute are those valentines?!

    By the way, our basement is also a huge hellhole. Hope you get some major relaxin' done while the kids are on their trip!