Weekending @ 226

What are you lovelies up to this weekend?  I'm gearing up for a low key game night with some friends at my house tonight.  I'm really trying to initiate some adult outings and get togethers lately.  As parents (and busy adults) I think we make excuses because we're too tired or too busy (or one of 1,000 other excuses), but I think it's so restorative to spend time with other adults.  Do you guys have trouble making time for your social lives?

Saturday will be all about crafting some adorable Valentine's decorations and cards for classmates.  Reed wants to make necklaces for her friends and Beckett wants to buy his friends chopsticks.  Such fun ideas!  I'm accepting tag lines for the chopsticks Valentines.  I haven't been able to come up with anything besides, "you pick me up, Valentine!," which is clearly the lamest thing ever.  I feel my sister will have about 1/2 dozen brilliant ideas as soon as she reads this...no pressure, Jess.

Here's a roundup of some other great candy-free Valentines.

Have you guys heard of this app?  You can send postcards to all your peeps right from your phone.  Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Jason showed me this this morning.  Have you heard of Jeb Corliss?  He can fly.  Wow.

I'm in between books right now.  Any recommendations?  Maybe I should use this website.  So cool.

Have you all seen this documentary?  Nauseating.  What about this one?  Inspiring and a little tear-jerking.

My blogger friend made these with some leftover denim pant legs.  So cute, right?

I'll take 17 3, please.  (P.S. Can someone bring this to game night, pretty please?)

Are you ready for this sort of thing?  My body is not, but the rest of me is all in.

I think I'm making pinto bean nachos for tonight's game night.  Nachos, gahhhhh.

I really want to start making my own cleaning products.  Any ideas on where to start?

I also want to make my own fruit leathers.  Maybe next week's project!

I posted this ages ago.  But, it really is such a great chocolate cake.  Channel your inner French Grandmother and bake it for Valentine's Day!

Have a great one, people!

one of the last pictures of the boy with shaggy hair :(

fake smile, everyone has one!


  1. "You are twice as nice as rice!"

    You're welcome.

  2. this would have been tremendous! but, they're finished. Next year, I'm involving you in the brainstorming phase.

  3. I just saw this...

    Put me in, coach! Also, imma blog...