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I am slowly learning how to make my blog look pretty, or at least NOT as if it were designed by someone from the cast of Office Space. Although the boring layout doesn't fit the mission or my personality...it will have to do for now. I will think up some alarmingly attractive color scheme and a catchy little layout in the very near future. However, I'm finding it of little import in comparison to the actual content of the blog which in my eyes, is the writing and of course THE LIST. So, onward we move. Pretty or not.

I think I have decided on my first project. To you, my friends, these projects may sound mundane. Maybe they are. But as soon as I can check them off the list, I can call them munDONE. Wow, I didn't think I had it in me but there it is. The backspace bar is yelling at me but I am ignoring its shrill calls. I promise to keep you entertained, one way or another. I'm a second child and it is my purpose in life. If I don't follow through with this promise and your forehead slinks ever closer to the keyboard and you find yourself checking for light leaks in your eyelids...I will immediately shut down. Like I told you in my first post - STICK WITH ME KID!!! I AM NOTHING IF NOT FUN!!! I even grant you permission to laugh at my failures.

Anyway...first project on new blog: refurbishing an old dresser. This dresser was my husband's (here to for known as Jason, really thats his name, no tricks here) when he was a child. My father-in-law recently offered it to me and I jumped, seeing as how my four month old son doesn't yet have one in his room. We (I, at 8 months pregnant) managed to finish the adorable tuquoise stripes on his walls but my poor boy has nothing hung on his walls and even less in the way of furniture. Don't worry dear reader, he does have a crib...I am not that neglectful. He has plenty in the kisses and love arenas but is very lacking in the furniture area - which, to a fourmonth old baby boy can be very distressing. Maybe thats why he's not yet sleeping through the night??

The dresser is begging to be totally made over. Its a basic enough shape that I could really have some fun with it. I'm thinking more stripes. It may sound a little busy but I think should the dresser get a treatment of vertical stripes against the horizontal turquoise stripes of the walls...we might really have something. Yellow. Yes, yellow. Yellow and turquoise...a very pleasing combination. My other thought was to paint it white with a giant yellow 'B' on the front but I'm not sure I could make it work with all the ins and outs of the drawers etc. Jason fondly recalls the clanging that the old metal pulls make when the wooden drawers are opened and closed, but shhhhh...I think I may replace them. We'll see. I'll show the before pics tomorrow and by weekend's end, we will have ourselves a new dresser. Or...my blog might ground me. Uhoh...better get working.

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