so, i guess we're off...and away.

If anyone's out there...

This is very typical.  I have finally figured out this whole Blog creation thingy and here my lovely computer is just about out of batteries.  It is fitting though, my readers.  It is a swell introduction to what you will experience on this blog.  At my parents' house, in the study that is littered with antiques and childhood memoribilia (my dad's youth league golf trophies, tin Lucky Strike cigarette boxes and political signs from elections long ago) there is a sign that reads, "I finally got it all together and then I forgot where I put it."  I know, its not poetic.  Its not even touching but I have always identified with it.  I have read that sign many times and thought, "that is the story of my life."  Oh, I try with the best of intentions to know where my keyes are when I'm planning on leaving the house but, I swear they sprout little tiny metal legs and prance off into the night.  I have implemented countless strategies for keeping track of important dates like birthdays and anniversaries but I can't seem to keep it straight.  I'm telling you - my life is a full on comedy.  The most comical part??  I have kids now.  Two of them.  They are super sweet and scrumptous but they don't deserve the disorganized, open-ended life full of pipe dreams and fairy tales.  Did I mention that I am a bit dramatic at times?

So, I am going to change that with the moment that I push that PUBLISH button.  I have accountability now.  I know most people don't need a blog, but it turns out that I might.  I have lists and lists of things that I want to accomplish.  There are things that I want to learn and places I want to go.  Some of these things are small and seemingly inconsequential but I have the kind of mind that obsesses over them if they are never executed.  I have wanted to learn French for years.  I need to do it.  I have wanted to teach myself to knit.  I have never done it.  I want to bake the perfect apricot tart.  I must get moving!!  There are big things and small and I will try to do them all.  Some days though there is an oversized portion of accomplishments that just appear in the everyday.  Like, say, getting a 19 month old and a 4 month old to bed at the same time. Or, perfecting a chocolate chip cookie recipe.   Aaaaahhh, the mini miracles.  You will hear about those too.

Here my friends you will find my successes as well as my failures.  Should I try knitting and never make it past the 16th stitch, I will share with you my experience...the good, the bad, and most certainly the ugly because I'm sure that will make for the best reading.  Stick with me though.  My life is bumpy, so fasten you seatbelts.  And the battery is......

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