happy valentine's day (3 days late)

Our day started out with heart-shaped pancakes and rasberry syrup. I'm now wondering, can a day go poorly after that? I've been on the search for the perfect pancake and this one came very, very close. I made them with a mix of cake flour and whole wheat flour because that is what I had in the cabinet. I never dreamed I would like the nuttiness of whole wheat flour in a pancake but they were outstanding. I think I'll keep trying recipes, though. Why? Because I am a very, very strange lady. If you have any secret family pancake recipes, please share. I'm a girl on a mission!

Buddha delivered our gifts and was, himself mama's Valentine's Day gift... to myself. Gah, he makes me endlessly happy.

He brought peanut M&Ms.

He also brought balloons...

and recorders, and microphones. He's a good man.

Our resident clown didn't disappoint in the entertainment category.

Although we all thought his consistency could use a little tune-up.

So, Beckett took over and received a standing ovation for his efforts. He is assertive, this one.

A steamy music video was filmed by two up and coming screen sirens. The raw emotion is palpable, agreed?

There was a whole lot of Buddha love. Beckett gave him three thousand kisses, none of which I was quick enough to capture on camera. Shucks.

I guess there was a whole lot of love, in general. Hooray. Hope you had a love-filled Valentine's Day.

P.S. Check out Jason's kicks. Those were his V-Day gift from me. Pretty studly, right? Even better if I told you I got them (Lacoste) from Marshall's for $30. Another "hooray" is in order. I also got him a badass OXO watering can. I think you're officially old and washed-up when you refer to a watering can as "badass." I just did. This post is SO over.

P.S.S. As long as we're on the subject of hearts, I am really wanting to purchase this pillow. Or, this one. But the first one gives me butterflies.

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