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the Chocolate Stout Cake with Irish Cream Frosting to flour & child's menu. Do I hear clapping? Because these little beauties deserve some rowdy noise making and such (the Guiness and Bailey's combination wouldn't have it any other way).

They were inspired by my husband who believes everything tastes better with beer and came up with the combination when I was stumped by a themed cocktail party. "Do a Black & Tan cupcake. No, do a Car Bomb cupcake." I think he misses his party days just a leeeeeeetle bit. The kids haven't quite learned the shot-taking technique yet. It's a bummer. Also inspired by my awesome father who is Irish, or so he wishes!

So, put your hands together!! Pictured are mini cupcakes but we are happy to transform any of our cake flavors into regular cupcakes, double layer cakes, or triple layer cakes for your celebration. A lovely client is inviting these Irish cuties to her cocktail party this Saturday. I just hope they (the cupcakes) don't misbehave or get thrown out. I've heard that Guiness and Bailey's can have that effect.

We hope something is keeping you out of the winter blues and reminding you of warmer days...even if it is Trader Joe's tulips!

xo - f&c

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