Beckett's 3rd Birthday Bash

Yes, this post is a little late. Beckett's actual birthday is on November 28th and we had his party even earlier this year so that it wouldn't be wadded up and tossed aside in the crumples of the Holiday mess. Successful as that was, I haven't told you anything about it.

But, I think it's worthy of a short post and some pictures. Because if you have a creative and imaginative little guy (or girl) like I do, I think they'd love this party. It worked out better than I ever could have imagined.

We sent out an invitation that looked like this:

Beckett got to wear his famed pirate costume again.

Reed got to be a devil. It was like Halloween redux. They were both happy.

The antique trunk had a sign on it that read something like, "Drop your loot here and then walk the plank, you scurvy dog!"

Beckett got a personalized superhero cape!

I made a chocolate cake with pirate treasure and BONES on the top. Beckett just ate all the bones. And then the chocolate cake. I heard good, good things about the cake. Let me know if you're in need of a recipe, I'd love to share.

I made everyone who didn't dress up wear a mustache (or unibrow). Some people happily obliged.

My dad made a fair share of guests feel alarmingly uncomfortable with his portrayal of a character he created named, "Uncle Ralph." Uncle Ralph is not someone you want to know. He is somewhat inappropriate. And hilarious.

Below is a picture of "Monkey Business," which I thought was adorable. Shirt + Tie + Name tag that said "Hi My Name is Monkey Business" + Monkey slippers. Adorable.

We had THREE hillbillies, two knights, an elf, two cowgirls, one cowboy, one baby, a piglet, a Geisha and more. Beckett's expressions when seeing people he knew in costumes was hysterical.

We had two kinds of soup (Creamy Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Bisque) with various toppings and a small spinach salad bar. If it weren't for my poor planning habits, they could have been prepared a day (or two) in advance. Along with fruit, pretzels and onion dip, and popcorn.

I served coffee and hot cider, along with water. It was the first time I didn't have alcohol for the adults (it just wasn't in the budget) at one of my kids' birthdays. And, against all odds, this was the most fun I've had at one of my kids' birthdays. Besides Reed's Micheal Jackson party. That's hard to beat (it).

I used this tutorial for simple decorations that hung from the ceiling. (You can sort of see them in up in the corner of the picture when Nikki Manaj Katy Perry Jessie J I'm bringing in the cake. Super simple. Super cheap. Super cute.

I made a makeshift photobooth and had directions hanging to get goofy and make some memories. There were also signs that said "I <3 Beckett" and "3 years old, OMG!" This was a cute idea but a major fail. The signs were too small, the spot was too dark, the red curtain was too LOUD for the backdrop. But, whatevs, it was fun for those who participated. If anyone has any tips for a successful at home Photo Booth, please share!

Beckett got loads of fantastic dress-ups from some very generous and lovely friends. And while he threw them aside, hoping for "real toys" he uses them every. single. day. And they bring that kid some serious joy. And take him on some serious adventures. That is exactly what I was hoping for.

I know that winter birthdays are sometimes hard to plan. Without the ease of toddlers running around outside, the Birthday World loses its luster. And I lose my creativity. But, this party was every bit as fun as Reed's summer backyard fiestas.

Jason put vaseline in his hair. On purpose. He was totally committed to the Hillybilly look. He also trimmed the afro wig and used it as chest hair. After the first 10 comments from the first 10 guests, he buttoned up. He changed shortly after.

He also wore a onesie. A Carhartt's onesie.

Scooby Doo showed up.

There were lots of laughs. Like, my abs hurt.


Beckett rarely gets a day for himself. He lets his sister have the spotlight and gracefully falls into the background. His second birthday was overlooked. He doesn't remember his first. He is the sweetest of boys and absolutely deserved this day. His day.

He was in a world of amazement. And loved every minute.

P.S. Jason now wants me to dye my hair neon pink. Something tells me I would tire of it quickly. No?


  1. EVERYTHING about this...I LOVE.

    Totally stealing next fall for the two Nov. 24th's in my house.

  2. well, ms. awesome photographer, please let me know how i can make a photo booth work. i thought it was going to be so cuttttteeee! but, alas.

    and, i'm glad you like it. steal away.

  3. Oh wow. I don't even know what to say other than, I wish we lived closer! And you are making all of us look bad. The extent of Milo's 4th birthday? A purple cake. And... that's it.

    As far as the photo booth thing goes, you pretty much got it down, you just need a RIDICULOUS amount of light. I'm talking, blinding light shining right at the subject, from a few different directions so as not to create shadows against the backdrop. What we usually do is get a bunch of lamps from around the house, take off the shades, and place them at various heights and depths around the photo area (including pretty close to the backdrop to prevent shadows. Try it out sometime and just mess around with where you place the lights. It's pretty fun!

  4. a purple cake sounds divine. i'm sure he was ecstatic.

    thanks for the photo booth tips. it makes sense that you need to get rid of the shadows. i'll try more light next time.