The Boy Likes His Sushi

Beckett met sushi for the first time this weekend. Yes, he's been to sushi restaurants before but we always order him the cop-out Pad Thai because we don't want the "Eat Your Dinner" battle to take over our once/month restaurant experience. I'm sure our fellow diners appreciate this. The deafening sound of a three year old's whine can sometimes turn your stomach. Especially if they're not yours.

Reed loves seaweed salad and spicy tuna rolls. She always cleans her plate...err little wooden tray thingy.

But our boy is a bit more timid when it comes to unusual foods. He appreciates quantity, but sometimes shies away from variety. I mean, the kid didn't eat a piece of fruit until he was two years old.

Well people, we underestimated him.

Needless to say, Sushi and he got along very, very well. They even scheduled a second date.

Thank you to FUSIAN for cleaning up after our two ravenous children the super tasty sushi.

Do you feed your kids sushi?


  1. wow, that's impressive. we've put sushi in front of both boys, but to no avail. they see us chowing, but it doesn't make a difference. they prefer processed fried chicken nuggets:) so cool your boy uses chop stix!!

  2. Nice job! It's good to get your kids exposed a variety when they're young. I like sushi, but don't have any kids... I have friends whose kids love it though!

  3. Go, Beckett! That looks so yummy. We haven't tried sushi with the kids, but we should. They both love any kind of fish and salmon is a favorite. Also, they both love rice and seaweed. So thanks for the idea!

  4. the carnage he left behind was somewhat disturbing.

    Lauren, if you're ever back in Dayton, you should seriously check out FUSIAN. it's such a casual atmosphere that it's perfect for the small set's initial sushi experience. plus, you can customize your rolls. PLUS, it was opened by Oakwood grads.