Valentine's Mess

Our day has been full of:
glitter, felt, and neon pipe cleaners
crafted princess wands for 12 lucky preschoolers
lots of red (and pink)
flour and sprinkles
a hot glue lesson
MAIL! from much-missed family (thank you - love you)
impromptu painting projects which led to more messes
my very favorite old-school board game that i can't WAIT to play
a successful skype date with my sister and our Most Adorable niece/cousin
never quite making it out of our jammies
watching little spongey shapes grow in water
dad-made waffles
sweet treats from sweet neighbors
only one minor meltdown at the thought of not getting said sweet treat before lunch (i know, i'm a mean mama. somebody already told me.)
just a little bit of chocolate (but the very BEST kind)
very focused artists that hardly noticed the camera
oh, and more messes. obvi.

"happy valentiMes day" says Beckett.

I hope it's been a sweet one.

p.s. Are you making anything special for dinner? If so, please share. I haven't the slightest of inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. What fun... looks like lots of yummy goodies and fun crafting.