Lunch @ 226 - Stuffed Mini Peppers

You might think this lunch is fussy.  But, I assure you it is anything but.  Sure there are fresh herbs that need chopping, and peppers that need to be trimmed.  But, I made these little beauties in the time it took  my slowest eaters ever, why do children eat so slowly? children to eat a bowl of cereal.

They came home a few weekends ago from spending a day or two with Jason's mom.  After they told me about all the fun they had, they couldn't stop talking about these elusive mini peppers.  I buy bell peppers all the time, regular bell peppers. You know, the ones that compliment fajitas or create the first-to-disappear element of a crudite platter.  The ones that jack up your grocery bill, especially if you buy them organic.  The kind my son loves, and staunchly believes that I add them to dishes specifically for his pleasure.  "Oh Mama, you added vvvvvell peppers* just for me.  My favorite."  So, naturally, I am beholden to add them to everything I possibly can.

But, what?  Miniature super sweet peppers?  Tinier and more adorable than the ones mama buys?  And oh so much sweeter?  My pepper love was in danger of being trumped by a smaller, sweeter version?  Okay, fools, I will up my grocery game.  I will search high and low for these crack-laced mini peppers so that you all can once again, be in vvvvvell pepper* ecstasy.  I would hate for you to go through withdrawals.  The search will begin pronto.

As it turns out, they sell them at the very grocery store in which I work, in the very department in which I most frequently work.  I do not know how this sort of thing happens.

Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers - These are great for lunch boxes because they can be tousled around and remain intact.  Plus, they are very intentionally not a sandwich.  I try to mix things up when it comes to packed lunches.  Who wants a sandwich every day?  Both kids' lunch boxes came back completely empty after school.  And, both kids asked for me to make them again the next day.  Success!  They would also be great for a quick appetizer and I promise you they don't take too much longer than a PB&J.  Makes 8, serves 2 with some fruit alongside.

4 mini bell peppers (shocker, these can be found at Trader Joe's, next to the regular peppers)
1/4 cup goat cheese, room temperature
1/4 cup greek yogurt
1/4 cup chopped chives
salt and pepper, to taste

Slice your mini peppers in half, from stem to bottom.  Clean out any seeds and white ribs with a paring knife or your fingers.  With a fork, stir together the goat cheese, yogurt, chives, and salt and pepper, until smooth.  Using the fork, smear enough of the cheese filling into the pepper halves to almost fill them.  The filling is rather rich, so don't overfill them.  Also, they don't have to be perfect...see above picture.

If you're packing lunches, obviously pack them cheese side up.  I hope you would know that.

*Both kids have always mispronounced the word bell peppers.  Since they uttered the word, it has been "vell pepper."  I gave up correcting them years ago because I think it's super funny to act like it's normal.  Sorry, not sorry.

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