What We're Reading @ 226

Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty is a masterpiece of a book.  It's about a boy named Ignacious who is passionate about building things and dreams of being an architect.  But, once he reaches grade school, his creativity and innovative thoughts are squashed by his strict teacher.  But later, the class find themselves in a dangerous situation and Iggy and his architectural prowess come to the rescue.  It's silly (in a laugh out loud way) with an inspiring message of steadfastly holding on to your dreams.  Also, the illustrations are straight badass.

If you don't yet own The Curious Garden by Peter Brown, I suggest you hiy the "Add to Cart" button immediately.  It is a great book to read anytime, but is especially apropos as the weather warms and things start to grow.  Liam is a little boy who discovers a forgotten garden in the middle of a gray, gloomy city.  He makes a commitment to bring the little garden back to life and with the help from lots of friends he succeeds!  The illustrations in this one are vibrant and detailed.  We love it.

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  1. These are two of our favorites as well! And funny, I have a post for tomorrow all lined up about gardening books for kids. Great minds think alike!