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*****This post was supposed to be published on 3/8 but was delayed due to an internet outage******

Hello all!  What is everyone doing this weekend?  I feel like we are just holding our breath until the weather turns a bit warmer.  I approach winter with this Can-Do, Make the Best of It attitude but that enthusiasm starts to wain in the middle of February.  My attitude of "Let's get outside everyday" turns into "Dang it, I'm staying in bed all day.  What's on Netflix?"  And in the beginning of March, I spend a few minutes everyday checking the 10 day forecast and seeing if we have anything to look forward to.  Mid 50s doesn't sound like much, but paired with the sun it could make for a pretty fabulous weekend.  We're going roller skating tonight, followed by frozen yogurt.  So, if I don't blog at all next week, it means I'm laid up with a broken arm.  These events are very likely.

Thank you Whitney Houston for ruining my name for all of eternity.

I know this is old news.  But, this show is hilarious.  I dated a guy like Chris (Rob Lowe) so his slightly obnoxious but well-meaning character really cracks me up.

How rad are these paperclip hooks.  I may have to invest in the yellow one.

Holy hell.  Have you guys seen this project?  It's a few great photographers taking candids of their children.  The results are just plain badass.  It inspires me to practice my photography (When my camera is fixed in 6-8 weeks.  So sad.)

I've heard overalls are making a return this Spring.  Are you into that?

I love having breakfast for dinner.  And now, there's a book about it!  I so want.

This looks like something I would very much like to eat.  I mean, are you kidding me?

If Spring does indeed arrive, we're planting these radishes.  Aren't they the coolest?

A new book from one of my all-time favorite children's authors.  Consider it purchased!

Please don't miss my boyfriend hosting SNL tonight.  He really appreciates your support.

And lastly, because I always include a drink...how about this one for this (hopefully) warmer weekend?

Have a happy one!

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