Weekending @ 226

Hi friends.  I took the weekend off work partly because Jason has been out of town and we weren't totally sure when he would return, but mostly because it has been forever since we have had a free weekend (I usually work on the weekend) with nothing scheduled.  A weekend where there is plenty of time for excursions that take us farther from our home than usual.  Rain is forecasted,  but we've still got some great plans for a family adventure.  And some pretty fun St. Patty's day doings on Sunday, that do not involve drinking with the lovely UD student "neighbors."  So, I guess my weekend involves a whole lot of Family Time.  And I'm totes down with that.  What are you guys up to?

Umm, yes.  Probably happening.

I know it's tempting, but please don't go over the top with the food coloring this St. Patricks day.  Stick with food that is naturally GREEN!  Or stick with the classics.

I'm sorry.  This video is just too cute.  It makes me want to take more video footage.  And be two.

I want this.  It looks like it belongs in a dentist's office, in such a good way.

For you, I have a huge hilarious Time Suck/Waste.  But seriously, everyone should be allowed to watch some brainless nonsense every once in a while, and I don't have cable so The Bachelor is out.  This girl's series is hysterical.

Did you own any of these.  Unfortunately/fortunately I did.  Own quite a few.

These are my favorite sandals for Reed and me.  I can't wait to order our new summer pair.

This would be fun to make with the kids for an impromptu treat.

Oh, I made my own lotion bars.  Super easy and totally effective.  They'd be great for a dry babe.

As for a drink?  I couldn't decide between one of my favorites and a deliciously festive classic.  Make 'em both!  It's St. Patty's Day, after all.


"Mama, I'd like to eat my snack in the little strips of sun."

Incredibly simple lotion making.


Dinner without Daddy.


  1. Love your links! Those Salt Water Sandals are the best. Red, red!

  2. I'm torn between the red and the caramel color. i have red TOMS and I wear them way more than I ever thought I would. Maybe I *will* go with the red...;)