Breakfast @ 226 - Bulgar Wheat with Lemon Zest

When it comes to diet, moderation is the key, they say.  You know what I say?  People with no will-power don't have access to the concept of moderation.  I imagine most of us know what the word means, and maybe even use it in reference to our half-ass workout routine, but can we practice it in our everyday diets?  Ummm, no.  I eat what I like and I guess I have to be thankful that I've trained my tastebuds to like more healthful foods.  But, when I eat those foods, or any foods, I eat alot of them.

Just a moment ago my spoon inadvertently dipped into the peanut butter jar seven times.  Then, my spoon got bored, and dipped itself in the Nutella jar, twice.  It was only then that I noticed that I was even eating.  It is, for this very reason, that I surround myself with good, whole foods.  I cannot stock my pantry full of packaged snacks and my freezer full of creamy treats because I will eat them all, in one day sitting.  

It is in this context only that I agree, abstinence is the only 100% protection philosophy.  While it is rare that I crave bad food, I would eat it if it were around.  I can't "just say no" or even say, "just a little."  That sort of discipline is not a character trait that I was given, or have been able to develop over the last 30 years.  I only know, "yes" and "more."  This morning, at work, a lovely, lovely woman (who has never baked an average tasting baked good in her life) brought in Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies.  "Great," I thought, "I'll try one."  Seven cookies later, I left the break room.  Did I need them?  Was I hungry?  It was 7 a.m. and I had already eaten breakfast.

It is for the aforementioned flaws that I make things like this Bulgar for breakfast.  Please don't think me a nutritionally virtuous angel because I am not.  I just try to put some serious distance between me and the cookie jar.

Bulgar Wheat with Lemon Zest - from this book.  We love oatmeal, just as much as the other All-American family of four, especially this one.  But, when you're looking for something brighter and chewier and all-around more interesting, give this a try.  I was not expecting to be as completely delighted as I was the first time I made it.  My kids love it.  Serves 4

1 cup coconut milk (I've also used almond milk)
about 1 1/2 cups water
1 cup medium bulgar (I use quick cooking)
pinch of salt
zest of one lemon*
1 tablespoon or so of local honey
1/3 cup slivered almonds, toasted

In a medium saucepan, bring the coconut milk and 3/4 cup of water to a boil and stir in the bulgar.  Bring back to a boil then turn down the heat to maintain a simmer, until the bulgar is creamy, 5-20 minutes (depending on what type of bulgar you use).  Add water if the mixture becomes dry before the bulgar cooks all the way through.  Remove from heat and stir in the lemon zest and honey.  

Serve in individual bowls and top with toasted almonds.  Sometimes, I add more almond milk at the end, it just depends on how soupy you like your breakfast grains.

*Do not be tempted to squeeze the lemon juice in also.  It curdles the milk, I know.

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