Lunch @ 226 - Hummus and Tapenade Sandwich

Having your kids' lunches packed the night before is really the only way to maintain Morning Sanity.  Why would anyone want to throw another annoying task into the already chaotic morning routine?  There's always someone complaining that Avocado Toast or eggs was NOT what they wanted for breakfast and then there's a lost library book and then someone feeds the avocado toast to the dog who smears green mush all over the new couch and then someone can't find their favorite magic striped socks and then someone accidentally-on-purpose steps on someone else's foot and then there's seven straight minutes of whimpering and then I lose my brain and whatever ability it once had to think proper thoughts. But, at least the lunches are packed away in the fridge, ready to go.  Right?


I never do it ahead of time.  I always wake up and add one more annoying task to an already chaotic morning routine.  I am not a Do-er Ahead-er.  I am a disorganized and scatter brained mom who leaves most things to the last moment.  It's something I'm working on, okay?

I do, however, pack a mean (albeit scurried) lunch.

Hummus and Tapenade Sandwich - This is the sandwich version, but we also make the same thing on whole wheat tortillas.  They're equally yummy.

2 pieces of whole wheat bread
hummus, we used white bean (recipe below)
prepared olive tapenade*
one carrot, peeled and shredded
a few leaves of lettuce
some thinly sliced bell pepper

Shmear one side of the bread with hummus, and the other with tapenade.  Pile up the rest of the ingredients and finish it off with a sprinkle of salt and some freshly cracked black pepper.

Throw in some Snack Bites, a greek yogurt and an apple and there, that wasn't that bad.  And you're not even late...until someone spills their smoothie on their magic striped socks.

*If you/your child  doesn't like olives (mine love them), Pesto makes a great substitution.

White Bean Hummus - I make a huge pot of beans every week.  From that, I make one batch of hummus and use the rest in dinners, on salads or in burritos. It's nice to have something healthy and convenient to dip some carrots into or spread on sandwiches.

This makes a lot of hummus, but it keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks.

2 garlic cloves, crushed and peeled
1/2 cup tahini
3 cans of white beans, drained, or the homemade equivalent
2 tablespoons lemon juice
a handful of fresh herbs, basil and parsley are my favorite in this
1 teaspoon of sea salt, more to taste
some water, the bean cooking liquid is great for this

Whiz the garlic cloves and tahini in the food processor for a good minute.  Add the beans and process until smooth.  I usually let mine run for about two to three minutes.  I like smooth hummus.  Add the lemon juice, salt and herbs and pulse until the herbs are just little specks.  If needed, thin the hummus out with 1-4 tablespoons of water.  Add the water one tablespoon at a time until you see the texture you're looking for.

Taste and add salt and/or lemon juice if needed.

Serve with veggies and pita breads, shmear on sandwiches or have a big dollop on your salad.  I store my hummus in the fridge but I think it tastes best at room temperature.  So, take it our of the fridge a few hours before serving.

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