Weekending @ 226

What are you all up to this weekend?  We have a big project that concerns updating this awesome cabinet that was given to us for free!  Have you ever heard of a Hoosier Cabinet?  I guess they're a thing, although I didn't know that until I was the owner of one.  Anyway, I can't wait to show you the results next week.  New hardware and new paint color and I think it's going to be super cool.  


If I didn't have Super Nerdy DIY plans, I would...

Invite some friends over for an impromptu at-home Movie Bingo Night.  So Cute!

Be making one of these to kick the last of this annoying cough.  Although our weather forecast here in Dayton is looking like we might hit 60 degrees, in which case I might just go back to my old standby.

Follow along with this challenge.  Such a good way to get started making simple food for your family.  It's all about a routine.  Jenny has the best no-fuss fresh ingredient recipes.  And, if you happen to have a family, you NEED her book.

Possibly go boot and coat shopping.

Go down to our little theatre and see this movie and drink a beer.  Fun!

Finish this book and possibly start another.

Wear this lipstick because it's my new favorite.  And, I'm pretty certain it would look great on anyone.

Find another use for these.  Because they turned out awful and crumbly, which is disappointing because I thought they were going to be totes yums.  Anyone out there have a great granola bar recipe?

Go for a walk in the balmy 60 degree weather.

Gift this sweatshirt to each of my kiddos, and maybe one like this for myself.  If I'm feeling generous.

Make these for an upcoming baby shower that I'm hosting!

Oh, and make and freeze a whole lots of Kale Pesto, which I might actually get around to doing.  Want the recipe?

My virtual weekend sounds sweet!  But, I'm perfectly fine with repainting my cabinet and laying low with my loves (while wearing red lipstick, obvi).  My BFF neighbor might even come over to help me.  That means you...Emily!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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