Weekending @ 226

What are you up to this weekend?  I have dinner group tonight and while it sounds retro and somewhat stale, is something I look forward to every month.  This month's theme is Spain and I am struggling (once again) to commit to one dish.  My uncle got me this cookbook when I got back from my trip to Spain a few (more like 10) years ago, and I can't stop looking through it and wanting to make every single thing.  Though, I think I've settled on a smoked tomato soup, a few anchovy stuffed deviled eggs, orange segments in red wine syrup and almond paste stuffed dates.  Though I can't get this cauliflower with paprika and caper sauce out of my head.  Depending on how they turn out, I'll be sure to share the recipes here.

The rest of the weekend is all cleaning and crafting for the baby shower next weekend.  It's been a while since I've hosted a proper party not involving pirates or ages in the single digits.  So, it's time to dust off the wine glasses and launder the tablecloths.  Here's some shocking and somewhat disappointing news: Pinterest has failed me on this one.  The Baby Shower pins are far too cutesy for me (and the mom-to-be), not to mention it's a couples' shower.  I mean, really, who wants a pacifier on top of their cupcake?

I'm so excited to be hosting because I love a good party!  Any tips for fuss-free entertaining and too cutesy-free showers are welcome.

Other Stuff:

I think my neighbor and I are venturing out to see this movie.  It looks super freaky, but it's been a long time since I've seen a good scary movie.  Would you see it?

We're reading this for our book club this month and I'm really excited to start it!

My sister and I planned on having a tamale making sesh over the holidays, but sadly ran out of time.  Are you intimidated by tamales?  These look amaze.

I just bought this vintage WWI poster to hang in my kitchen.  I've coveted it for so long and totally believe every single word.

Having San Francisco and Key West on my weather.com homepage is a cruel form of torture.

I made this soup last night, but replaced the tomato paste with Harissa and skipped the red pepper flakes.  It's the first time I've ever used it and it added such a toasty, warm, and slightly spicy flavor.

My Dad came over for soup last night and afterwards, we played this game.  Have you guys played it?  While the box reads "for ages 7+" our kids had a blast of a time.  We all did.

I was tempted to buy this skirt while I was at Target yesterday.  How cute would it be with a tucked in grey tee and flats?  I can't wait for Spring.

I also love this print and message.  And this one.

Lastly, this poem has always been my favorite.  Do you have a favorite?

I hope you stay warm this weekend.  And have a little fun, too.

He can play alone for hours, uninterrupted.  Especially with this plane.

Our backyard.

Love her laugh, hate that she no longer likes to have her picture taken. 
Reed's first recipe.  Sauteed cabbage with copious amounts of black pepper.  She thought of it, and made it from start to finish and it was delicious.  I was so proud.

My first Valentine's Day present from Beckett.  I think it's the best!

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  1. Oooh! That movie looks perfectly terrifying! And I do love that WWII poster. Such good words to live by in the kitchen!